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Great coffee…is highly personal.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “…one man’s beauty another’s ugliness…” We all have a different perspective on life and its experiences, and that’s important! What a dull life it would be if everyone liked the same things. In fact, we are taught from a very young age to celebrate those differences. Those differences make each of us unique; they make our lives personal.

So it is with coffee. Great coffee.

Now, I’m not talking about the generic commercial coffees available in your grocery store, like Maxwell House or Folgers. I’m talking about the coffee you can get from a coffeehouse roaster, from a micro-roaster, or that you roast at home yourself. I’m talking about coffee that has been roasted a few days or hours ago, instead of a few weeks or months ago.

Coffee becomes personal to us when we can identify with the nuanced flavors associated with that coffee.

There are a few wines that have become highly personal for me. One such wine is the Beaulieu Vineyard Reserve Pinot Noir Carneros. The vineyard’s own description of this wine says that it “…displays vibrant layers of dark plum, raspberry and blueberry fruit character. Hints of espresso and cocoa powder add complexity to the rich fruit aromas and silky, expansive flavors. This is a well-structured wine with supple, rounded tannins and long-lasting fruit and spice notes on the finish.” This is a wine that appeals to me. The flavors, the mouth-feel, and the bouquet all play a part in making this wine very desirable for me. My wife and I visited the BV vineyards on a trip to California’s Napa Valley in 1994, which makes the wine “personal” for me. This wine reminds me of that trip and the wonderful time my wife and I had. The flavors, the mouth-feel, and the bouquet all combine to, not only remind me of that trip with my wife, but to help me relive that experience over and over again. The act of drinking the wine itself becomes an experience.

Great coffee can do that, also! The flavors, the mouth-feel, and the aroma all conspire to transform the act of drinking that coffee into a specific experience of taste!

This past weekend, I roasted a coffee that I hadn’t roasted before; India Mysore coffee. Mysore is a city/district 146 km southwest of Bangalore. This coffee is grown in the Chamumdi hills just outside the city. This coffee became a highly personal coffee for me. No, it didn’t remind me of a trip to Mysore, as I’ve not yet been to India. It did become an experience for me, however. This is a bold and full-bodied coffee with a nice lingering finish. It has deep bittersweet chocolate notes (particularly as the cup cools), smooth acidity, and a creamy/earth-toned mouth-feel. As I sat and enjoyed my first cup, I had a personal experience of taste! I identified with the India Mysore coffee! It was MY experience!

Coffee…GREAT coffee is highly personal.

Enjoy your coffee!™


Can Coffee Be…Provocative?

This is an exciting time of year! It’s the time of year when we can start all over. The year is fresh! Like a field of newly fallen snow. No tracks giving evidence of our missteps. I love this time of year!

The week between Christmas and New Years Day is traditionally the week I reflect upon the last year and begin my planning for the next. This year was no exception. I sat down on Thursday morning with a cup of Mac’s Espresso Blend coffee and set about reviewing the outgoing year. As I breathed deep, I inhaled the aroma of the Espresso Blend and began to recount the successes and failures of the year. The coffee transported me through the twelve months of 2011 and all at once I felt joy and frustration. Joy, of course, for the many blessings I received and for the great times I had experienced in 2011. Frustration for the times when I made mistakes and for the things that I did not accomplish in 2011.

Soon, however, the coffee not only warmed my hands and my mouth, but began to warm my thoughts, as well. Each sip of the Espresso Blend was an incitement to continue the fight. Each sip was an inducement to do better in 2012.  Each sip prodded me to action. Each sip summoned strength.

I have a confident expectation that 2012 will, in deed, be my best year yet! Here’s to 2012!


Back to School

I was sipping my first cup of the day when my wife made me realize that the first day of school was a week away. My mind was immediately flooded with so many memories.

I can remember me and my brother and sisters walking up our long driveway to the road to catch the school bus on a crisp autum morning. I can remember the smell of the freshly waxed hallways of the school. And I can remember the butterflies fluttereing in my stomach with the antiipation of what the new school year would bring.

Now I see my kids as they are about to head off to a new school year, and I am still filled with anticipation. What new things will the learn? What will excite them? What will ignite their passions? I can hardly wait!

From my family to your’s: May the new school year be filled with wonder, excitement, passion, and the joy of learning!


Sulawesi, Toraja, Sapan-Minanga

I roasted a new coffee this morning, and just finished brewing my first pot of it. It is from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This coffee is grown on the slopes of the Sesean Mountains between 1300m and 2000m high in the Toaja region, between the towns of Sapan and Minanga. It is some of the highest grown coffee in Indonesia. This coffee is very complex and presents a challenge for the pallet and to my skills to describe the tastes. Some of descriptors that have been used to explain the flavors in this coffee include warm wood tones, floral notes, black currant, dried plum and raisin, sweet-wine acidity, a buttery texture, and a dark, smooth molasses sweet finish. This coffee fills your whole mouth with flavor. It is already one of my very favorite coffees. I can’t wait to taste it tomorrow after it has rested a little.

Can Coffee Be…Inspiring?

Coffee can be many things…it can be an eye-opener in the morning, it can certainly be stimulating, and it is great to sip when we sit and gab with our friends, but is it inspiring? Yes, I think great coffee can inspire us!


Matthew sat on the screened-in porch as the rain fell softly on an early Saturday morning. As he sat there, his mind was wondering. He was questioning how he would ever get his business off the ground. He took another sip from his coffee mug and breathed deep. “This is no ordinary coffee,” he thought. He had just brewed a pot of Indonesian coffee from the Gayo Mountain region of Sumatra. His head spun as the rich coffee swirled around in his mouth. His tongue tasted the complex earthy flavors and fruity overtones of the brew. He could feel himself drift away. The rain began to fall harder now and he took another deep breath. The aroma of the coffee filled his head and lungs. But something was different now. The rain smelled differently and there were hints of wood smoke in the air. He looked up from his cup and was amazed at the sight! He expected to see the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains rising up from his vacation rental cabin in North Carolina, but instead saw the mountains of Sumatra in the distance. He looked back into the coffee and sniffed the cup again, fully expecting the vision to clear and be once again on his back porch. He looked up for the second time and saw the smoke rising from the chimneys of the many cabins that dotted the landscape of the Gayo Mountains. Suddenly, though, his problems melted away and he reveled in this time and place. He breathed deep the tropical mountain air laced with wood smoke and took another sip from his cup. He let the tropical rains wash over him and slowly the vision for his business became clearer. His head was filled with aromas of the Indonesian mountains and he realized now that his business—his dream of the last four years—could be accomplished.


The rains were letting up now and the Blue Ridge foothills came back into focus. He was back, but things were different—he was different. Matthew knew what he needed to do now. He finished the last sip in his cup and began to tap away on his laptop. His plan for his business now had more clarity and he was more driven than ever to make it a reality!


When we allow ourselves to be transported from one place and time to another—that is, when we can cleanly separate ourselves from our present time and condition—we can often be inspired to reach for that for which we have been dreaming.


Have you been inspired by your coffee?


Mark “Mac” Curfman

Master Roaster and Chief Coffee Guru

Mac’s Java|Coffee Roasters

10% for Iraqi School

A friend of mine, Brian Dunphy, is collecting funds to buy school supplies to send to a school in the Iskan Province in Iraq. Brian is sending the supplies in a shipping container to a family friend, Lt. Von Plinsky, who is serving in Iraq. So, for the entire month of June, Mac’s Java will be donating 10% of all sales to Brian to go toward his school supply project. Go to and join with me to make a real difference in the lives of Iraqi school children!

Enjoying My Coffee

You know, this is what God made weekends for: I’m just sitting here on a Spring Saturday afternoon drinking some Peruvian organic coffee and listening to some Nora Jones and Peter Malick, and feeling very relaxed and mellow. Pure enjoyment. I don’t think we just enjoy ourselves anymore. Oh sure, we seek enjoyment in everything we do. I think, however, that the enjoyment just gets lost in the “doing.” We are so busy weathering the storms of life and seeking the pleasures of life that we sometimes forget to enjoy life! Just enjoy life! That’s my pledge. Well…at least until the next storm comes along.

Brazilian Cerrado

We just received a new coffee varietal from Brazil and we love it! It is from the Cerrado region in the center of Brazil, which is approximately the size of Alaska. The Cerrado (“say-hah-doe”) has the most extensive tropical woodland-savanna in all of South America and has a pronounced dry season. It is best known for its beef cattle production and great coffee beans.

The coffee the Cerrado region yields is rich and sweet, with chocolate notes and a long finish. It has a medium body and the acidity is slightly citric. This coffee’s aroma is intense with notes of caramel and nuts. We have found that a medium roast works best with this bean. The Brazilian Cerrado is a must try!